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Blood Profiling for Athletes

Blood profiling is frequently used in elite sport to check for nutritional deficiencies, underlying health conditions and signs of poor recovery and over-training.

At SMNI, we provide comprehensive blood analysis services for athletes of all levels.  Using our selected profiles, athletes can be assessed on a regular basis to build a picture of their general health and recovery.

We also have specific profiles to assess for fatigue and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) for male and female athletes.

All blood tests are reviewed and reported on by a Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine, who will provide a report outlining any abnormalities and the necessary actions needed to correct these.  At SMNI we also have specialist Sports Nutrition support for more detailed guidance on potential supplementation or dietary adjustment.  

Nutrient levels may vary for athletes compared to the general population. Sometimes ‘athletic normal values’ are different from the population as a whole. Other subtle signs of over-training or under-recovery may not be obvious on a general blood review. This is why specialist reporting is important.

For further information on blood testing as an individual or team, please contact 02890190290 or email info@sportsmedicineni.com.

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