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As the majority of Musculoskeletal and Sports injuries are non-surgical, a Sports Medicine Physician is often best point of contact for anyone who needs a diagnosis, has an acute or long-term injury or simply wants to improve their health or performance.

They will provide you with an expert assessment, determine the most appropriate management plan and guide you to the best possible recovery to help you ‘stay in the game’.

Athlete blood monitoring / Comprehensive athlete health evaluation / Concussion baseline screening / Assessment of health and MSK conditions influencing performance / Annual sport specific medicals / Cardiac screening

Assessment, diagnoses, treatment options & rehabilitation plan / Diagnostic ultrasound scans / Ultrasound guided injections / Concussion evaluation & management (incl. Neurocognitive Tests & Specialist Imaging) / Musculoskeletal injections including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and hyaluronate /Shockwave therapy

Athlete blood monitoring / Athlete health evaluation / Assessment and diagnosis of unexplained under performance

Treatments can include:

• Our onsite specialist services
• MRI & CT scans
• X-rays
• Orthopaedic Surgeons
• Other appropriate specialists

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