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Sports Nutrition Service in Belfast, Northern Ireland


You’ve trained hard to reach your potential. Nutrition plays a key role in developing an optimal body composition ensuring you have the correct foundation to compete, stay healthy and build muscle.



This is often the missing piece to complete the health, injury & performance puzzle and is all too often neglected.

Our Sports Medicine NI specialists are ideally placed to evaluate your current nutritional status and advise on a bespoke plan to help you get back, stay & succeed in your game.

Our specialist Nutritionists can help and advise you with the following:

• Assess & analyse dietary practices, body composition & energy balance
• Weight management, hydration, immunity, travel, exercise training, competition, recovery from exercise & supplementation
• Personalised meal plans to promote health & performance 
• Optimal nutrition for recovery from illness or injury
• How to achieve & maintain a level of body mass, body fat, & muscle mass that is consistent with good health & performance
• Address challenges such as food allergies, bone mineral disturbances, gastrointestinal disturbances, iron depletion & iron-deficiency (anaemia)
• Work with your coach or health professional to advise on appropriate nutrition practices (if appropriate)
• Food selection & food preparation
• Deliver nutrition education presentations & events on various topics to your sport or school.

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